Sekishu-banshi Tsuru

Sekishu-banshi Tsuru is a stunningly gorgeous washi. Extremely lightweight at 25 grams, it is nevertheless incredibly strong, due to long Kozo fibres, masterful making, and the inclusion of the long tough fibres from the inner bark. This also gives it a beautiful slight green tinge. Unbleached and unsized, it has a wonderfully crisp finish on the side where it was dried on a board and a soft puffy texture on the other side.

I was first introduced to this washi through The Promise of Sekishu Washi, a juried exhibition at Propeller Art Gallery co-sponsored by the Japanese Paper Place. I have loved this washi ever since. I tear it, weave it, fold it, treat it with konnyaku, alter it with kakishibu.

For Release, I wet tore sheets into strips of varying widths then wove them back together to maximize the exposure of the long fibres from the torn edges. The offset layering showcases translucency and inner beauty.

366 expresses the same qualities of fibre and translucency in a different expression. Here the lightness of the washi enhances the movement and fluidity of the piece.

Waxing uses the lightness of Sekishu in combination with konnyaku to encourage translucent structural forms. The strength of the Sekishu helped it to stay intact even when handled wet from the konnyaku.

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